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How I Fight The Winter Blues (Winter Chic)

If you read my blog during the winter months then you know I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder aka Winter Blues, I laugh but I do. This winter I've really been trying my best not to let it get the best of me, I'm here to share how I'm beating S.A.D. is winter.

Black Jummpsuit Haul

 This bad weather wouldn't let me be great this week, the snow put a stop on blog pictures so I decided to record inside and show you guys a mini haul.

"Happy New You" CVS Beauty Club Haul + Giveaway

 This year and promised myself to take better care of my skin. Last year I had the worst case of adult acne and now it's finally clearing up.

Styling In Foxcroft

Yayyyyy finally my first outfit post for the new year! Since I'm behind with post I decided to do 3 in one, showing yo guys some fabulous looks brought to you by Foxcroft...

Plus Size Fashion Haul Feat. H&M Straight Size

I know I'm now the only one who loves a good deal! When I saw that my local H&M was having a crazy sale I had to stop in....

Time to get Bikini Ready Thanks to GabiFresh Swim Sexy 2015 Collection

First off Happy NEW YEARRRRRR!!!!! I've been taking a mental break from blogging and just mapping out plans for 2014, new posts are coming soon! I just had to drop in and tell you guys how excited I am for Swimsuits for All latest 2015 collab  "GabiFresh For Swim Sexy" yes you guys know that I'm a swimsuit whore (currently looking at over 50 swimsuits in my swimsuit drawer) so yes the excitement is real!